Sharing the Adventure

by Josh Weber


Hi there.

I recently abandoned my old blog as well, one of the last posts being dedicated to a very abbreviated version of our love story. It’s a story that amazes me to this day. Sometimes I still wonder if I’m part of it.

I don’t know to what degree I’ll be involved with contributions to this blog, but I’m excited to have one that both Lauren and I can author. I’ve discovered that teaming up with her on almost any project is a good idea. Except perhaps when it comes to a pie eating contest, in which case, I’m not the greatest asset either.

Today concludes yet another amazing semester for me at BYU. I have grown so much in the past two years, it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come since first arriving in winter of 2011. I had no idea who most of the people in my Singles Ward at the time were, much less Lauren, who I wouldn’t even cross paths with for another few months (albeit, without our knowledge until long after it happened). I was still suffering from recent RM awkwardness and couldn’t understand why girls were so complicated, not to mention the politics of dating in Provo. I had just been accepted into the English Teaching program, hoping to come to a certain conclusion as to whether I would teach high school or college.

Two years later, I’m in a different ward, married to the love of my life,  and have no desire to be teaching English at a college or high school. I’ve picked up a language I never thought I’d learn, fallen in love with a radio show I never knew existed before dating Lauren, and embarked on the journey of pregnancy with Lauren. Looking back, I never would have guessed so many drastic changes would take place. It’s times like these that all I need to do is remember where I started and where I am now to recognize how much the Lord has had His hand in my life. I’m so glad that I get to be by the side of Lauren and share my life with her. Regardless of what life throws at us, I know that we have such a great life ahead of us.

Here we go!

Also, shameless plug for my new blog:

It has a very different tone from this blog, as it will be directed more at my own creative projects, but will hopefully contain intriguing material. If nothing else, check there soon as I plan to release a new podcast centered around film and the stories of everyday people.