New Beginnings

by Lauren Kay Weber

Lauren's Portrait

This is me.  I’m Lauren Weber.

What seems monumental to me is actually pretty lame.  I’m starting a new blog.  My old blog, Batyah, brought me a lot of fulfillment and pressed me to find more meaning in my world.  It was a “goodun,” as my dad would say.

When I was younger, Even now, when my life changes substantially, it just feels right to go out and buy a new journal… even if its predecessor’s pages weren’t filled quite yet.  Along with that thinking, my life has changed so much since my last post on Batyah.  I met and dated a few men.  I met, dated and married the love of my life.  I’m even seven months pregnant.  (It’s surreal to type those words.)

My last post on Batyah was on the last day of 2011 as I jetted down to St. George to support a friend in her pursuit of a man that I am now thinking might be gay.  Hindsight.  I’ve also since lost that friend, which has been a hard journey to have embarked upon.  In that post, I wrote of my new year’s wishes:

My hope for both of us – you and I – is that we spend a little less time creating worry lines, more time creating laugh lines.   That we live a bit more simply, but also a bit more glamorously.  That we place fewer restraints on ourselves, one another, and God.  That our eyes might see those things that help us grow, good and bad, happy and hurtful.  And, most of all, that we might feel each day that we acted instead of being acted upon.

At the time, those words seemed a bit overly poetic, if not overtly melodramatic.  (Again, hindsight.)  However, I have to see, reading them now, they seem perhaps a bit prophetic.  In the intervening months, I have lived with more action; I have laughed more; I have grown, even in pain.

I don’t necessarily have a definite plan for this here blog.  I have been bemused by a crafting fever in preparation for our son in a few months, so that might appear here.  But, this is not a crafting blog.  I want to write about my thoughts, but this is not a self-indulgent me-me-me blog.  (Okay, maybe a little bit.)  I also want to discuss books, spirituality, my family and more.

In short, this blog will be as diverse as I am – and there are a lot of things that make me tick.

Stay tuned.