12 Projects for Baby Asher

by Lauren Kay Weber


Is the image above like crack to anyone else? …Anyone? *sigh* Alright. Confession: 43 boards, nearly 5,000 pins. My name is Lauren and I’m a Pinaholic. (Hi, Lauren.)

Here’s what I have found out: when the uncontrollable urge to nest (helllooooooooo, seven months pregnant) meets the unlimited number of super crafty moms pinning cute baby things on Pinterest, you get… an insane amount of DIYs done between baby kicks, insomniatic nights and heartburn.


1.  Gauzy Swaddle Cloths:  With Utah’s balmy summers and Asher coming in mid- to late-July, I have been perplexed as to how to keep him swaddled tight without heating him like a little burrito. Intro the breathable but still totally swaddle-able cotton gauze swaddlers.

2.  T-shirt Onesies:  My fabulous husband came with a treasure trove of t-shirts. Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of t-shirts. SO!  Repurposing at least some of those t-shirts into much more adorable onesies sounds absolutely perfect.

3.  Vested Mr. Man Onesies:  I daydreamed about having a boy for exactly this kind of cuteness. I made a template and – voila – nearly half of Asher’s plain white onesies became vested.

4.  Onesie Cardigan:  All I needed were a couple long-sleeved solid onesies and some ribbon and I had the cutest way to layer onesies for a church appropriate outfit.

5.  Bibs with Little Man Ties:  Asher won’t need bibs for awhile, but this is the best use for leftover fabrics from other projects.

6.  Appliquéd Onesie:  I had some leftover felt from a hand warmers project last winter, so I decided to cut some cute nautically-themed appliqués and hand sewed them on to basic white onesies.

7.  Baby Washcloths:  Something I have found to be true:  if it’s made for a baby, it costs five times more than the adult version even though it’s one-fifth the size. What?! Baby washcloths are mo different.

8.  Monogrammed Onesies:  A little bit of fabric from the fat quarters at Joann’s and I was in business. I designed the templates in fun typefaces on Illustrator, printed and cut them out with the fabric.

9.  Burpcloths:  The first thing my mom told me that I needed for the baby was burpcloths. After looking at Target to price them out, I quickly decided that, one, there’s no way that they should be that expensive and, two, they would way easy to handmake. I tasked Josh with picking four cotton flannel fabrics (quarter of a yard of each) and a corresponding fleece solid (one yard) and was able to make 16 of these suckers.

10.  Bow-Tied Onesies:  All I have to say is this:  how freaking cute are these?!

11.  Moby Wrap Knock-off:  Moby wraps are $50 a pop, which is crazy sauce, especially when you consider that I made FOUR of them for less than that.  Rayon/Sandex blend + scissors = DIY gold.

12.  Baby Tummy Rice Bag:  I found this blog post and thought that it would be nice to have one on hand for soothing Asher at bed time. Also, I cut mine in the shape of my hand, as I had read somewhere that it help be helpful for fussy babies who want to be held by tricking them into thinking you’re patting their back with the weight of the rice bag.  Genius!

I haven’t posted my pictures here because they all look so deflated without Asher fill them out. I will, however, post pictures of him in them/using them once he’s…finally…out of me.