I need a little joy. Anyone with me?

by Lauren Kay Weber

I’ve been struggling a bit today.  Yes, I have finals and should be studying.  Yes, I live all the way in Utah, thousands of miles from the chaos.  But, still.  My heart lives in Boston.  It’s home in many ways.  Many of my fondest memories are set with Boston as a backdrop:  the Citgo sign, Fenway Park, Copley Square, the Boston Public Library.  Josh and I even honeymooned there.

Lately, I’ve developed a bit of pregnancy insomnia.  The aches and pains of sleeping, getting up multiple times to use the bathroom and – lately – an absolutely unquenchable thirst… they all added up last night to the fact that I was awake for nearly every NPR alert that came through on my phone.  Needless to say, it wasn’t a great night.  I awoke for good this morning around 7:30, with a feeling of just…heaviness.  And I’ve had a hard time shaking it all day.

So, I decided I needed a little joy.  A reminder that people all over are still living for good things.  A reminder that laughter and happiness and positivity is still out there.  My solution?  I looked through my photography folders and found a treasure trove of images that exemplify the joy that I was looking for.  I’ve linked many of them below.

I’ll end by saying this:  This has been a hard week – especially for those friends of mine who are living in Boston right now – but I’m grateful that, in the face of yet another set of tragedies, we go on.  And joyfully so.  Let’s each find our bit of happiness and hold on tight.

Baby Bath Smilingsource

Woman SmilingSource

Happy HikeSource

little boy with new shoes during wwIISource

mother and boy smiling and laughingSource

Sam Shepard & Jessica LangeSource

Husband and Wife in Hospital LaughingSource