Bundle of Joy… In a Box

by Lauren Kay Weber

Okay, y’all.  Today’s post is going to be a mixture of DIY and public service announcement.  Can you handle it?  Good.

First things first, do any of you know a newly pregnant woman with a serious bout of morning sickness?  Maybe not so newly pregnant, but still dealing with that utter ordeal?  Treat her all nice-like, okay?  Here’s why:  something I have learned from my own (really, truly difficult) pregnancy (while working and going to school, mind you) and from those of women around me is that having morning sickness can feel terribly isolating.  If I had a dollar for every woman who oh-so-graciously informed me that their pregnancies weren’t that difficult – nay, easy! – while I was green in the face and holding a trashcan in my lap, I’d be a millionaire.  Not cool, ladies.  I’ve also learned that no, that I had have morning sickness the. entire. pregnancy. does not mean that my body is defective.  But, that sure is how it feels when the internet, doctors and magical pregnancy unicorns proclaim that all symptoms of morning sickness will be magically gone by the tick of the clock’s hand on week 14.

So, ladies with the morning sickness, hang in there.  Everyone else, remember that telling your happy stories to someone who is currently miserable feels like a kick in the shin.

Okay, that ended up sounding more like emotional baggage than I intended.

Wondering how to best support a friend (or yourself) currently spending a little too much quality time with the porcelain throne?  First, love her.  Second, maybe think about giving her a goodie bag of all sorts of things that could bring some digestive peace.  {Enter segue for the aforementioned DIY.}


  1. GINGER!  I combatted my mid-day queasiness with stomach-calming ginger in both liquid and solid forms (see #5 below).  I prefer Bundaberg Ginger Beer, as it has little specks of ginger floating in it, and, honey, does ginger work wonders on queasiness.  I found that normal ginger ale (like the Canada Dry and such) didn’t have any effect at all.  
  2. My miracle cure came in the form of a nightly dose of 1/2 a small unisom pill and 1/2 a b6 pill.  It really did calm my stomach in the morning and helped me to keep breakfast down.  NOTE:  I was cleared to use this particularly effective concoction by my midwife.  Before you use it yourself, you should definitely check with your OB/GYN and/or midwife.  I will say, however, that a quick Google search shows that thousands of women have used this remedy successfully in order to avoid being prescribed Zofran.
  3. See above.
  4. Ritz Crackers were a lifesaver when eating saltine crackers ended up just forming this unappetizing sawdust paste in my mouth.  Ritz have a bit more flavor to them and go down a bit more easily.
  5. Ginger Snaps.  The more ghetto the better.  Our local brand X from Smith’s, Kroger, were disgusting… BUT highly effective.
  6. Pretzels also worked when I felt like I couldn’t keep anything else down; something about their saltiness was appealing.
  7. A funny card to lighten the mood.  My favorites are here.  The inside of the card pictured above reads:  “I hope.  Otherwise, this is about to get really awkward.”
  8. My husband (a hero, in my book, for so gracefully dealing with all of the implications of morning sickness) wanted to include a little something for the partners of those afflicted.  Hence, a gift certificate to Redbox for the movie-obsessed among us.  He adds:  “It’s great to have something to do with your wife when you’re stuck spending yet another Friday night in.”
  9. Also for the hubby/partner:  a monster pack of his favorite candy.  While I personally think that it might be a bit sadistic to have the pregnant women smell the waft of what may also be her favorite candy while she can’t even fathom taking a sip of water, I also think that our supportive partners deserve a well-deserved treat.  Include at your own risk.

Gift this box to your favorite PG woman and you’re sure to help her realize that having a little bundle of joy inside can actually bring some form of… you know… joy.

Is there anything else that you would include?  Comment below.