April Showers Bring May Flowers

by Lauren Kay Weber


April showers might bring May flowers, but my husband brings them to me from the store. (Or, in the case of the flower above, steals them from the flower bed outside of the movie theater. Shhhhh….) Image by Lauren Kay Weber (c) 2013

Happy May, everyone!  I thought that, with a new month upon us, I would give you all a quick update on our lives and what May will hold for us.

I had my first third trimester check-up at the midwife today.  Everything’s going well and Asher (finally) flipped over so he’s now in position for birth, head down.  He’s still moving from side to side while being head down, which has been an interesting new experience for Josh and I.  We can see the shape of my belly changing as he moves, and my belly will get rock hard where he’s laying.  The jabs and kicks are mellowing out, which is something I think I’ll miss, to a certain degree, but they are being replaced by whole-torso rumbles.  I’m at almost 29 weeks now, so mid-wife appointments will start being every two weeks, which is exciting because I think having the benchmarks closer together will help the time seem to pass more quickly.

Speaking of time passing quickly, I should probably share my philosophy on getting this child out of me as soon as (is safely) possible.  I still have two and a half months left in this pregnancy, but in the last week or so I have exploded.  I absolutely cannot comprehend this child (or me) getting any larger.  I finish working on July 5th, which is technically 1 week past full-term (37 weeks).  So, I am hoping and praying for Asher to come on July 6th.  Anyway I can persuade you to make that happen, God?  Starting at week 37, I fully intend to make this body as inhospitable as possible in hopes that baby man will decide that he’d rather be on the outside than in the clink.  Any suggestions on speeding up the onset of labor?  Old, secret family tricks?

…I know, I know.  I’m just jinxing myself.  All this talk of him coming before his (technical) due date is basically ensuring that I’ll be well into the first week of August before even the first seismic tremble of a contraction.

As for me (outside of the alien growing inside), I have finished classes until September and I. am. so. thrilled.  On the other hand, I have started working full-time and I am tuckered out pretty much all of the time.  But, that’s tolerable… especially when we get paid every two weeks.  I’ll be taking off most of July and all of August, so I can’t complain too much in the long run.  I’m also on a reading kick at the moment.  I fully intend to put up a post within the next couple of days about my most recently finished book, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, which was both awesome and, at times, way too much information (but more on that later).  I started reading The Mother Dance by Harriet Lerner, Ph.D., but I put it down after a few chapters because it assumed that all marriages were terrible and then counseled readers on how to CPR their (basically) doomed marriages back from the brink of the disaster of having a child.  Ick, no thank you.

Josh is doing great at the moment, albeit he might feel greater if he hadn’t signed up to take Hebrew 102 this spring term.  He kicked major butt last semester in 101, though, so both he and I have full confidence that he’s gonna do splendidly, even with the truncated semester.  He has also been working on a personal project of his, JoshWeber.org, where he posts commentary about a new item daily.  Daily… as in every. single. day.  You should check it out, if you haven’t already.  On top of all that ambitiousness, he has already begun interviewing subjects for his new podcast, In Reel Life (which you can read more about here).  All in all, he’s a busy bee.

This weekend, we’ll be going to the annual tulip festival (and I am dyyyyyyyying with excitement) and we might even sneak in a little photoshoot of the two of us with my (enormously) pregnant belly.  Stay tuned.