Welcome Spring/Summer!

by Josh Weber

The last several weeks have been crazy busy to say the least. While I feel that Lauren and I are quite prepared for the arrival of Asher in July, there is still much to happen in the last few months of the pregnancy, one of those being attending another Modern Hebrew class. Though I have truly come to love the language and the people who speak it primarily, it is nothing short of a mental fire hose of information to the brain. This is probably one of the reasons I served an English speaking mission.

I have also come to a greater realization of just how many amazing people there are on campus by applying to different jobs on campus. Although I am very blessed to have the job that I do on campus helping bind, fold, cut, and package church materials, it hasn’t given me a great deal of opportunities to improve upon the talents I wish to use in my future career (whatever that may be, right now it’s either journalist or translator). That being said, I’ve been interviewing at several different places in hopes of getting at least a desk job, but have come to find that an impressive resume alone does not guarantee you a job. It has given me the opportunity to interview with some very cool and interesting people nonetheless.

However, there are two things that have been my lifesavers amidst these challenges. Lauren remains the love of my life and my soft place to land at the end of the day when all I want to do is collapse into her arms. Yesterday we had the chance to go into the mountains and take some “maternity pictures” to celebrate this special time in our lives. This is one of my favorite photographs from yesterday:


Nothing brightens my day or lifts my spirits like this woman.

It is also such a joy to come home every day and feel the squirms and kicks of my son-to-come. It continually amazes me how fast he grows and responds to our voices. Though all he hears is mumbles, I love reading to him at night and can’t wait until he can sit with me and follow along. Books, as you may have guessed, are one of my favorite things in the world, and I hope that all of our children come to love them as well.


Here I’m trying to read Curious George in Hebrew. I’ve come a long way from the first time I’ve tried to read it, but still have a good ways to go with my comprehension.

Until the last day of classes comes, I plan to spend as much time with these two lovely people as much as I can. So happy that spring/summer is finally here!

Also, if you want to keep up on current events and pop culture without spending forever searching on the Internet, please stop by my blog. I update daily with one of the best stories I can find that day. Some may strike your fancy more than others, but you’ll always be able to further your knowledge of what’s going on in the world today.