Summer Adventure: Seven Peaks Waterpark

by Lauren Kay Weber

Josh and I in the shade.  I promise I'm wearing clothes - I just have a bandeau style bathing suit.

Josh and I in the shade. I promise I’m wearing clothes – I just have a bandeau style bathing suit.

Josh and I have been in search of the authentic summer experience.  You know how glorious summers were when we were kids?  Full of swimming and chasing ice cream trucks and Otter Pops?  Those carefree summer nights become so elusive as adults, when we’re saddled with work, school and other responsibilities.  But, we started dreaming a couple of months ago of having the best summer ever, especially in light of the fact that there is no vacation or travel in the foreseeable future.  I also feel the need to explain that this authentic summer experience can’t be full of vigorous swimming, chasing after ice cream trucks or Otter Pops on account of this here pregnancy (Otter Pops are a no because of the hell fire heartburn I get these days after eating something sweet).

How to achieve such a lofty goal?  Well, step one was buying a Pass of All Passes.  While the company who produces them is a far cry from having all their ducks in a row, as evidenced by our 10 week wait for the passes to come in the mail, I gotta say:  they’re a really good deal.  So, when Seven Peaks Waterpark opened last Saturday, Josh and I were totally there.  Sure, the park is chock-full of water slides that I can’t go on.  That didn’t stop us from floating through the lazy river lots of times or bobbing like corks in the wave pool.  We’ve been twice now (we went on Monday, too) and I have just one regret:  I have a (mild) sunburn in the shape of a semicircle on my left thigh.  At first, I wondered how on earth it got there, because I was sure to put copious amounts of sunscreen on my so-white-I’m-translucent skin.  And then, on Monday when we were getting ready to go back, I realized that the exact semicircle of leg is right where the baby bump covers when I lean forward to put sunscreen on my legs.  Oops.

photo 2 (4)

One of the best parts?  I get oh-so-relaxed in the water, which is a much appreciated reprieve from the aches and pains of pregnancy.  Aaaaand Josh singing Paramore as we float through the lazy river.

Here’s to more summer memories.