Summer Adventure: Full Moon in the Mountains

by Lauren Kay Weber

Alright.  So, what I thought was going to be a romantic night out with the hubby turned into holy crap, this is terrifying.  You see, back in October, Josh and I had an engagement party (in lieu of a wedding reception since we eloped).  Instead of registering for Tupperware and Swiffers, we asked those who wanted to give us a gift to help us keep the romance alive after the wedding by planning a date for us.  We got so many great date nights that we’re still working through them (especially since morning sickness kept us firmly in Red Box date night territory for quite some time).

So, anyway.  We were gifted with a gift certificate to Sundance Resort for a date that we put together ourselves.  I wrote earlier about our list of summer activities, and one of them was taking the full moon lift ride on the ski lifts.  It sounded romantic and wonderful, particularly when preceded by dessert at the resort’s Foundry Grill.  We were in for a treat… followed by a death defying experience.  (That may, or may not, be an exaggeration based on who you ask.)

Dessert was wonderful.  Josh got some gooey brownie thing and I had a raspberry whipped creme thing in a mason jar (not too sweet, thank goodness).  We both had some African Amber drink, which was delicious, as we chatted and laughed in the restaurant’s romantic low lighting.

Then, we trekked out to the ski lift area with our jackets and blanket (it gets really cold up there in the mountains).  Before I go much

Image courtesy of Sundance Resort's blog.

Image courtesy of Sundance Resort’s blog.

further, I should probably preface the rest of the story with this simple fact:  I was expecting a fully enclosed gondola ski lift – the only kind on which I have ever ridden – not a bench with a glorified twig for a safety bar… suspended tens of feet above the ground.  The second I realized that I had to be scooped up by the chair as it went by, I was done.  And then, we were off!  Up and up, higher and higher off of the ground.

What.  Or, should I say wuuut.

It wasn’t just me.  Josh was scared, too. And, I’m sure the baby was, too.   The instructor of our birthing class, Laura of How to Birth Like a Rock Star, talked in one of our classes about trying to stay as stress-free and calm during pregnancy as possible, in order to ensure that your growing baby is thriving within.  She showed us a diagram of a “thrive baby” with a smile on its face and a “survive baby” with a hectic zig-zag mouth and whirly lines coming off of its head.  Let me tell you, during this “romantic” lift ride, we were cooking up a survive baby.

There were moments of calm, for sure.  Josh did his best to distract me and keep me happy to just be experiencing something new.  We even have a picture to document what a goooooood time we were having.  (We were worried about dropping the phone, so it’s a really, really terrible photo.)

Full Moon Lift Ride

Is this the face of someone who’s scared?  If you’re looking at me, then absolutely.  Look at that fake smile.  Those closed eyes.  Bahhhh, it was bad.  (And I can’t even begin to express my love to you all… oh, wait… I don’t need to tell you, it’s evident purely in the fact that I shared this awful picture is display enough of my devotion to you.)

But, hey, at least dessert was tasty.