What Happened to May?!

by Lauren Kay Weber

Image via Student Impact.

Image via Student Impact.

Josh and I are taking a little one-on-one time tonight watching Now You See Me, but I thought that I would give you a little summary of what our month has been like since it’s the last day of what has been a pretty darn good May.

May started with a bang when Josh stole me a flower

…and continued to rock as we ended the month by eating great dessert and then getting the crap scared out of us.

We swam at the water park

…as we checked things off of our list of free (or almost-free) summer activities.

We took maternity pictures where Josh read to the baby bump…

…and I read books by Ina May Gaskin, Bill Cosby and Anne Lamott.

Josh shared his thoughts in an update…

…and I blogged about the Mother’s Day gift I made for my mom.

I waxed poetic about pregnancy and my husband

…while we ate some falafel.

Like I said, it’s been a great month.  Thanks for following along with us!