June Update!

by Lauren Kay Weber

Well, now that May is behind us – how did that happen?! – it’s time for a little pause on the normal day-to-day banter to focus on writing a little update on what’s going on chez Weber.  It was a crazy month that flew by and now we’re looking forward to what has the potential to be the last full month of this pregnancy.

We had two sets of house guests this month:  two of Josh’s sisters (complete with baby nephew) in town for a wedding and Josh’s dad and two younger high-school aged sisters in town for EFY, a Church-related sleep-away camp.  I can’t say that having our little apartment house so many people while eight months pregnant was necessarily the easiest thing in the world, but it certainly was great to see family, even if all too briefly.  We got to see baby Trenton dancing along with the Evian baby commercials that have been circulating recently, which was too funny and cute… and also felt kind of surreal.  Having a baby – that danced and laughed and, yes, cried – in the house just made me think Holy crap, this is happening.  And, seeing Josh play with this cute little one-year old nephew only served to reinforce to me what I’ve known all along… this man is going to be a great father.

You’ve read all about our summer adventures throughout the month of May (who could forget our death-defying mountain escapade?), but what we haven’t shared is that May should have been named Movie Madness Month May.  Back when we were taking our birthing class, the instructor said that we should go on a lot of dates in the closing weeks of the pregnancy so we can bond and get ready for the death spontaneity.  She specifically recommended going to movies – the summer sun burns hot, but movie theaters stay cool.  Little did I know how literally we were going to follow that advice.  Within the last little while, we’ve seen Now You See Me, Oz the Great and Powerful, The Great Gatsby, 42, Warm Bodies and more.  (Let’s just say, thank goodness for the Dollar Theater in Provo and Towne Cinemas in American Fork, which we get into for free because of our Pass of All Passes.)

Josh only has a couple of weeks left in his Spring term Hebrew class – and thank goodness.  We are so ready to not have to worry about homework obligations each evening… and I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that Josh was ready in April to turn his brain off to all things scholastic.  Just two weeks and he’ll be able to experience the freedom that he so deserves.

Despite his recent mid-term and the on-going pressures of school and work, he has been able to keep up with his current writing project – a daily news article at JoshWeber.org – and begin his new podcast In Reel Life waaaaaay ahead of schedule.  The podcast is available in the iTunes podcast library for free and I highly encourage you check it out and subscribe now so that you don’t miss out on any of the goodness as he rolls it out.  Come on, be an early adopter!

After Church a couple of weeks ago, I took Josh out on the lawn to take some pictures.  My favorite is below.  (You might have also seen some of the results of that mini-shoot here.)

(c) Lauren Kay Weber 2013

(c) Lauren Kay Weber 2013

As far as I’m concerned, I’m still working 40 hours a week, and it’s getting really, really difficult… so difficult that Josh and I decided to move my last day up from July 5th to June 28th.  Yes, I’m just shaving off a week, but every day makes a difference.

I’ve hit the third trimester WALL.  When I was in my first and second trimesters, and feeling terrible, I would read about how hard the third trimester gets and how dog tired I would get.  Maybe I was cocky or just couldn’t imagine what this would feel like, but I would think to myself Yeah, right.  There’s no way that I’ll be more tired than I already am.  FAIL.  I want to just put out there a little virtual fist bump for all of you out there who are now or have already felt this absolute drain in their lives.  On the upside, I think all that energy is going to Asher, as he is moving so much these days that my abdomen often looks like a water bed on which someone is doing gymnastics.  He’s also reaching all the way up to unimaginable heights… as high as the bottom border of my bra strap – no joke.

As for what’s coming up in June, we’re looking ahead at eleventh hour baby preparations, Josh finishing school, more podcasting, more sleeping on my end and – really – just counting down the days until Mr. Asher finally makes his long-awaited appearance.  On the blog, you can expect to be seeing some of the projects that I’m working on to prepare Josh and I for labor (a three or four part series), a couple of DIYs and more summer adventure posts.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!