A Monkey For Our Monkey

by Josh Weber

So, this post is belated, but happening nonetheless. A few weekends ago, Lauren and I had had quite the week. We were beat. Even Saturday had proven to be busier than we thought. I had become rather behind on my homework for Modern Hebrew 102, and thanks to Lauren, I was finally caught up. Our brains were fried, but, at the same time, we were stir-crazy and didn’t want to spend all night inside, so we decided to get out of the house and do something fun. When we had our engagement party back in early October of last year, we encouraged those who chose to give gifts to give us some date ideas. One of those was a bunch nickels and a coupon for discounted admission to a Nickelcade. So away we went, along with the nickels we had received from the couple who gave them to us, along with every nickel we could scrounge from around the house.

Lauren had never been, but I had gone several times and knew my way around it. Or so I thought at least. Much had changed in the last year since I had last gone. Many of the games that I remembered playing had disappeared and been replaced with newer, flashier ones. While I was impressed to see that the staff had done a lot to improve the look of the place, it was somewhat disappointing, because I really liked some of the games that had been taken. But, I found some new favorites along the way.

Upon our arrival, Lauren had suggested we pick a prize to work towards so we would be motivated to get as many tickets as possible. Given my past experiences there, I didn’t want to shoot too high, but I knew we could get 800 tickets between the two of us if we really tried. If we did, we would get a plush monkey toy, one that you might find in a claw machine game. I didn’t really anticipate getting it because, well, you really have to work at getting that many tickets. I didn’t want to take the fun out of being there just to get the tickets. However, it proved to be the contrary.

Nickelcade 1

I found a new favorite game that payed out big time: Deal or No Deal. Similar to the TV show, instead of choosing from suitcases of money, one chooses from suitcases of tickets. As we accrued more and more tickets, I got more and more excited. “We can actually do this!” I thought. Lauren got lucky and one 250 tickets on “stop the spinning light” kind of game, then we won all kinds of tickets from a game that gradually shifted a ton of nickels off a ledge.

Nickelcade 2

Then Lauren won a game where she stopped a flashing light on the bulb with 250 tickets!

Nickelcade 3

Then we won Deal or No Deal again, getting us almost enough tickets. I won just a few more tickets at a game I knew I could beat and we got just over 800! We were so excited. We got the last black monkey and some Fruit Tootsie Rolls for the road. We couldn’t have been happier.

photo (6)

Now the monkey sits next to Asher’s rabbit in the nursery. They make a good pair of pals.

One night turned a not-so-great day into a much better one. I’m so glad I get to spend every day with Lauren. I can’t imagine a life without her.