Celebrating Dad-to-Be’s First Father’s Day

by Lauren Kay Weber

I wasn’t going to post this until after Father’s Day, since the hubs reads this blog, but I was so excited about how well this project turned out that I begged Josh to let me give him his Father’s Day gift early.  I’ve always been like that… Christmases and birthdays celebrated early are a Lauren Kay tradition when I feel like I’ve hit the I’ve-found-the-perfect-gift sweet spot.

…And this time, I think I’ve hit the mother of all sweet spots.  And, better yet, I made it all myself.

First Father's Day DIY

I mean, I didn’t spin the cotton on my own loom or anything, but it’s still pretty sweet that I made this by hand, no?

…BUT WAIT!  That’s not all!

Dad's First Father's Day DIY

Couldn’t you just DIE?!  I know I could.  I’m just simply thrilled with how they turned out.  They feel just like professionally silk-screened shirts.

Want to know how I made it?  You got it.  But, first, you need to have some supplies on hand:

  • One Adult Shirt and One Onesie (I chose both to have a similar color palette)
  • Tulip Soft Matte Fabric Paint – You can find an example here, however, there are a lot more options in store.
  • Foam Paint Brushes
  • Freezer Paper – You can find rolls of this in the same aisle as the aluminum foil.
  • Razor
  • Cutting Board
  • Tape
  • Iron

Thanks to a sale at Joann’s and having some supplies on hand, I was able to make this whole project for less than $5.