Summer Adventure: Cherie Call Concert in the Garden

by Josh Weber

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This past Friday evening Lauren indulged me and we went to a free outside concert at the Central Utah Gardens, featuring Cherie Call, a popular Mormon artist. It actually took me a while to warm up to Cherie as a singer because my sisters played her music all the time when I was growing up, to the point where I couldn’t stand hearing her songs. That all changed when I went and served a mission. Her music was among the limited amount of appropriate music I could listen to and suddenly, I was like my younger sisters, playing her latest CD all the time when I would be driving around my area with my companion. Looking back now, I’m surprised that he refrained from strangling me every time I put it on.

Other Band

To our great surprise, the concert actually started right on time. We showed up a few minutes after 7 and she was already halfway through one of my favorite songs. Unfortunately, all the close seats were taken, but it was better sitting on the ground on a blanket anyway. Despite not having the best view, it was nice to be able to lay down and relax while listening to some of my favorite music. It was also rather amusing to watch one lady get into the bluegrass music being played in between some of Cherie’s music.

Fan Boy Josh

The concert only lasted an hour, but it was great nonetheless. After it was over, she encouraged people to come and say hi and buy one of her CDs. I already have her latest one, but wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to say hi. The crowd was pretty small, so I knew that I wouldn’t have to wait long. I felt somewhat awkward going up and talking to her. I wanted to tell her that her that I thought her music was amazing and that I listened to it all the time on my mission, but my mind froze and I only said about half of what I wanted to before my brain gave up and didn’t know what to do. I’m not entirely sure she knew how to react either, so she smiled, said thanks, and shook my hand. I had a similar experience a few summers back when I came across one of my favorite directors and authors and I was in such shock by the time I got over to say hi to them, I just awkwardly walked past and kept on walking, as if they just so happened to be in the path to my final destination.

It was such a great night to be with Lauren and just relax under the summer sun. I’m hoping that next time it will just be a little warmer so the breeze doesn’t freeze me in the shade.