Weird Dreams and a Guessing Game

by Lauren Kay Weber

Okay, so for the record, being increasingly pregnant means having increasingly bizarre and vivid dreams.  In my case, those dreams have unfortunately most frequently taken the form of dreams weirder than even the most twisted of horror movies, an ironic twist given that I don’t watch anything even close to horror movies… not even anything with too intense of action scenes.  Seriously.  The reason for this is perfectly illustrated in the fact that the very evening that I watched Iron Man 3 with the hubs, I dreamed that I was hunting down a crazy gun man with my boss.  It gets much, much gorier than that, but I’ll let that suffice.

Anyway, in last night’s much less Saw 3-esque dream, I dreamed that Asher was finally born!  (Yay!)  But that, for some reason, I hadn’t seen him yet.  People all around me told me that he looked so much like Josh – my mom, my sister, random strangers.  I kept asking How can you tell?!  and each person immediately and unhesitatingly responded He has his nose exactly. Cute, right?   The catch?  The kid had a pig nose.  And I’m not just talking upturned nostrils.  I’m talking full on broad-bridged-nose, complete with wrinkles all down the bridge… like this picture, minus the sinister eyes and…errrrm…rest of the face.

Now, I assure you that my husband has a cute manly, handsome nose.  I would be perfectly happy if all of our children come out having inherited the genes for his nose.  So, what up, subconscious?!

Coincidentally, while looking in my desk for something while working today, I happened upon two pictures – one of me as a newborn and one of Josh.  I thought that I would share ’em here for some awwwwwws and also some speculation on who you think Asher is going to look more like.

Here’s baby Josh:


And here I am:


Now, when formulating your speculations, you should know that both of us have strong genes with which to compete.  Josh is very much a Weber and I am the spitting image of my dad – a House through and through.  (Don’t believe me?  Take a look at a picture of me juxtaposed to a picture of my mom here.)