Summer Adventure: Hot Chocolate in Midsummer

by Lauren Kay Weber

So, Josh and I live in Utah.  Lots of upsides:  low cost of living, beautiful mountains, temples abound.  Also some downsides:  lots of crazy, no oceans, fewer like-minded people.  Above all, the number one con has got to be the utter dearth of Dunkin’ Donuts.  Now, if you’ve lived in the mountain states your entire life, you might not be aware of the bitter rivalry between east coast and west coast.  I’m not talking about Atlantic versus Pacific or even 2pac versus Biggie.  Nope, I’m talking about Starbucks versus Dunkies.

As someone born and raised on the east coast – and who calls Boston home – you have to know that I run on the side of Dunkin’ Donuts.  Massachusetts, you might know, is the only state in the union that has more Dunkies than Starbucks, with a large margin of over ten thousand to a mere two hundred as of the beginning of this month.  And just one trip to Boston on our honeymoon made Josh a believer.

On the last morning of our whirlwind trip to Boston following our sealing in the Snowflake, Arizona temple, we walked from our hotel on the Commons-side of Newbury Street down to the Commonwealth Ave. side of Newbury to get hot chocolate and breakfast sandwiches from Dunkin’ Donuts.  Josh immediately declared the hot chocolate the best of his life.  Score.  We then walked back down to the Commons and ate breakfast while looking at the ducks in the Commons’ frog pond.  Great memories.

All of this is to say that, when we saw a promo last night for the local news suggesting that a Dunkin’ Donuts might be coming to Utah, I hopped on the iPad immediately.  Turned out that not only are 23 locations planned to open in Utah in the next five years, the first was opening TODAY.  And, fortune of fortunes, Josh had just decided to take the morning off tomorrow morning since we have a midwife appointment at 9:30.  We decided then and there that a trip was in order for lunch.

I geared up to spend a small fortune.

Here is some photographic evidence:







And here are Josh’s thoughts:

The line was pretty long, but not longer than I had been anticipating. In fact, maybe it was a little shorter than I thought it would be. A couple of employees tried offering free peach tea(?) to those standing in line, but few people took them up on it. There were also a couple of employees handing out balloons, which apparently were going to kids only and other special friends of employees. The line moved surprisingly fast until we got inside DD itself. They seemed to have a pretty good system of getting people through the lines quickly, but it was still taking a while.

Fox 13 News showed up to cover the event by interviewing a few random people and engaging others in what appeared to be a donut contest. I was amazed at how many people had come with their kids and that, for the most part, those kids were fairly well-behaved. I know that if I had been taken on such an excursion as a young child, I’d have been the kid sulking in the corner or pulling on my parents’ arms as hard as I could so that I could find somewhere to sit down. I was rather impressed that no kids were going insane from standing in a line for at least an hour.

At last, we arrived at the front counter where we were able to hand our order to the cashier. Sadly, a few of the donuts I had anticipated getting were gone, but they still had some really good ones. We got a few chocolate glazed, a chocolate cake, maple, a bavarian creme, and chocolate with sprinkles. Part of me wanted to feed the sugar monster within, but when it comes to doughnuts, I have very little self control and would regret consuming a lot of donuts within 24-48 hours max. We gave a few to Lauren’s friend Molly, who is also a DD fan.

But I didn’t go for just the doughnuts. Oh no. Not by a long shot. You see, I’d like to think of myself as something of a hot chocolate connoisseur. I will often try it at any restaurant I go to just to see what they have to offer. I wasn’t expecting to be impressed by DD when I was in Boston for the first time, but one sip of that liquid gold and I was sold. Despite the cheesy smile in the last photo above, I really was stoked to be holding a DD hot chocolate for the first time in almost a year. Upon finishing my work shift, I came back out to a car with the remnants of our expedition and couldn’t help feeling a little sad that we live forty minutes away and it could be a while before I taste that celestial hot chocolate again. Maybe we’ll just find more reasons to be in SLC until they open one in Provo. 🙂