Let’s Just Call This 50,000 Sighs of Relief

by Lauren Kay Weber

Holy crap, I’m done.

After years – literally years – of working with only the occasional vacation here and there, I finished working today.  I won’t return for two whole months.  Two months!  To me, it seems monumental.

Maybe it’s not.

I do have to say:  thank goodness.  Today, I am officially 36 weeks, 6 days.  I stand on the very precipice of being full term.  Unless I begin labor within, say, the next ten minutes, I’d think we’re officially in the clear.  After weeks of sitting on the edge of our seats, metaphorically, due to signs that Asher was ready to come early… after researching NICUs locally and finding the best option if he were to be premature… after worrying that our careful financial budgeting would be for naught in the event that we would be slammed with an unexpected and wholly unwelcome hospital bill… the burden is lifted.  I can confidently say that we will definitely be having this baby in the birthing center.

And that’s not the only relief.  I can’t say how blessed we are to be able to have paid all of our bills in advance through September so that I can not work for the next two months.  While the next two months won’t exactly be vacation, they certainly will be a time of transition.  Honestly, I think it’s one of the biggest gifts that I could imagine in my process of becoming a parent.

I’m also relieved to have a job to go back to after my two month hiatus.  It’s definitely a rare occurrence where I work for a job to be held for so long, as I don’t receive benefits and, therefore, don’t qualify for maternity leave.  And, what a great job it is.  I’ve been with them for over two years and I can’t believe what a great ride it has been.

What else?  What else?  Oh, there are millions of things.  I could wax poetic for days… decades, really.

Oh, and I know I’ll be relieved with this little human decides that he’s ready to try life on the outside.