July Update

by Lauren Kay Weber

Some people can look at an ordinary object and see dollar signs.  I hear the word July and I see a stopwatch.  You see, the little man is due to join our family this month.  He didn’t make an early entrance in June (thank goodness) and so now that we’re in the clear, we’re waiting on pins and needles for his arrival.  I’ve been experiencing more and more intense contractions, including an interesting experience in Church this last week where I found myself doing light lamaze during the sacrament.  At one point, the bishop’s wife looked over and knew that I was having contractions just by looking at the shape of my belly alone.

Needless to say, that happening really kicked into to gear the last of my to do list items before he comes.  Among those endeavors were:  one, the completion of my “birth book,” a booklet of resources for labor; two, finishing up Asher’s baby hammock; and three, making and freezing two months of meals.  All of these will get a post of their own in the coming days.  Get excited, y’all.

Now, I’m not working and kind of unsure what to do with myself.  The only sort of productivity I can boast since starting maternity leave?  Figuring out that I can pull out the bottom drawer of my desk, plop a throw pillow down on top of it and lounge, La-Z Boy style while I watch Project Runway on Hulu.  Is this really what maternity leave is for?

Around the homestead, temperatures have reached crazy heights – up to 104 degrees – every day for the past week or so.  It shows no real sign of stopping.  I lived in Florida for a year, with no air conditioning, so I have found a weird pride in the ensuing years in my ability to withstand the heat.  Hot?  I have scoffed when someone here in Utah complained about the heat, Try this temperature plus 98% humidity.  Well, fate has a nasty sense of humor, as my body has now become a gauge for what temperature it is outside, even without stepping one foot out the front door.  The first day that the thermometer tipped past 90 degrees, I found myself with an interesting, if not completely unknown sensation in my toes.  I sat myself down (since, you see, I cannot see my toes when I’m standing these days) and looked down at what are generally pretty slender toes… and why, hello, toe sausages.  My feet and fingers have been swelling to elephantine proportions since the summer has really kicked in and that, boys and girls, has not really been a fun experience.

BUT!  Due to the grace of God and – well, frankly – my mother, air conditioning has arrived in our little basement apartment.  I was sharing the above with her when talking to her on the phone on Saturday and she gifted us with the most wonderful of fantabulous summer-time gifts.  It is now so cool in our apartment that I actually had to go put on a cardigan right before I sat down to write this post.  We were even able to treat ourselves to a nice little dinner from Five Guys and Fries with the leftover cash-ola.  What a mother!

As for Josh, he’s doing so well now that his Hebrew class is over – he got a wonderful grade, by the way.  It has been really great to watch his workload ease up a bit and let him focus on his writing project and his podcast, In Reel Life.  It’s been really great to be able to get a front row seat on his creative process and to have the privilege to help in the process where I can.  {Prepare for a shameless plug.}  If you haven’t had the chance to listen to the podcast yet, I really think that it’s worth giving it a listen.  Just click here and you can check it out on iTunes.

So that’s what’s going on in the life of the Weber family as July begins.  We’re (or maybe I’m) really hoping for a firecracker baby… July 4th is my dad’s birthday and it would be a nice little birthday present to him, don’t you think?