Putting it All Together: Birth Book for a Natural, Unmedicated Childbirth

by Lauren Kay Weber

To all of my non-pregnant friends, especially on Facebook, I’m sorry.  I’m thinking that I’ve become the birthing version of the parents on STFU, Parents.  Still, I feel like I’m making these resources for my use maybe 3 or 4 times, max, and that it could benefit the bevy of friends that I have that are currently pregnant (it’s eerie how many there are) or that have shared with me that they plan to be soon.  Rest assured, no offense is taken that my posts related thusly are lower ranked in my viewed posts.  (I have had a surprising amount of pins to Pinterest of these posts, however, so maybe it balances out…?)

Anyway, I wanted to share what the entirety of this illustrious “birth book” that I’ve written about here and there has come to look like.  Below, I share page by page what’s included and templates for making your own.

Birth Book:  Companion for Coping with a Natural, Unmedicated Childbirth

Page 1:  Important Info     |    Download PDF Template
This page should include information for your primary care provider, their contact information, addresses of the main office and place of birth (if different) and any miscellaneous reminders.

Page 2:  Keeping in Touch… Who, What and When to Text     |    Download PDF Template
Why rely on crunch time to decide who will be notified that you’re in labor or that your little one has made their debut?  Call me crazy, call me over prepared, but I want to have a game plan so that 1) we don’t forget anyone and 2) we’re managing expectations of loved ones so that we have the space that we need to bond as a family.

Pages 3 and 4:  How to Deliver a Baby in Case of Emergency     |    Download Page 1 and Page 2
Again, yes, I might be over prepared, but my father-in-law ended up delivering one of his daughters on the side of the road, in the dark, and then driving the rest of the way to the hospital while his wife held their newborn in her arms.  If there’s even a slight chance of that happening for us, I would want Josh to be prepared with the basics.

Page 5:  Packing Checklist for Heading to the Birth Place     |    Download PDF Template 
A simple checklist to make sure that we have everything together for mom, dad and baby.

Page 6:  Birth Plan     |    Download Word Template
Birth plans can be an instrumental tool in ensuring that you have the birth that you have envisioned, especially if you’re wanting to have a natural, unmedicated childbirth in a hospital.  Our birth plan is pretty sparse, since we’re giving birth outside of the hospital and the midwives are on board with our desires.  Still, there were things that we decided to note in the birth plan, including my allergies to certain medicines and reminders on what we have decided to allow and not allow in terms of treatments to the baby postpartum.

Page 7:  Relaxation Meditation Script     |    Download PDF Template
We took a quasi-hypnobirthing childbirth class and the teacher gave us a meditation script for relaxing.  We’ve been practicing throughout the pregnancy and will be using it during labor to help me to relax around the contractions and between them.

Page 8:  Visualization Scripts     |    Download PDF Template
Also during that class, we were given some scripts for visualizing certain outcomes, from assisting with dilation to calming down if panic sets in.

Pages 9 and 10:  Birthing Mantras     |    Download PDFs Here
I’ve already written a post about these, which you can view here.

Pages 11 and 12:  Focal Points
I’m a really visual person, so when I read about having a focal point to help me through contractions – especially the particularly painful contractions of transition – I knew that I should figure out what would resonate and motivate me.  I haven’t included a template for these, since they’re so specific, but I encourage you to reflect and figure out what would work for you.  I have chosen three:  Asher’s newborn onesie, his ultrasound and also four scripture verses that can serve to buoy me up and encourage me to trust God in labor.

Pages 13, 14 and 15:  Birthing Positions and Pain Management Techniques     |    Download PDFs Here
I’ve already written a post about these as well, which you can view here.