Pin to Post: Batman and Aviator Decorated Onesies

by Lauren Kay Weber

Pin To Post:  Decorated Onesies

You know all those pins that you have languishing in the corners of your boards on Pinterest?  The oh-so-very-cute and ah!-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that pins that, when you found them, you thought to yourself, YES!  I can’t wait to make this!  Now, it’s months – maybe years – later and they’re still sitting, lonely, waiting to be attempted.  Yeah, we’ve all been there.  What am I saying?  We are all there already... constantly.  Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to do something about it.  With that being said, I’m starting a new series on the blog called Pin to Post, where I will filter through my pins on Pinterest and make them – be they recipes, DIYs, party ideas, design projects, etc.  If they were worthy to be pinned, they are worthy to be tried.

Today, I bring you the first in this series.  It’s technically two pins, but both with the same process and theme:  cool looking babies.  What with my own babe on the way, I thought I’d embellish a couple of the onesies sitting and waiting, washed and folded, in his little cupboard of supplies.  For both of these onesies, I used the same process detailed in my Father’s Day DIY, which you can view here.  If you would like to make these for yourselves, the images that you would need to print to make them can be found below each Pin to Post picture.

Superheroes aren’t exactly my thing, but when Josh saw the above pin on Pinterest, he literally giggled with laughter.  My man – a grown man – cooing over the cuteness of the onesie.  It was then that I knew that I had to make this thing.  I kept the same design feel, but modified it a bit so that it took up less room on the onesie.  If you want to download the graphic I used to make this onesie, click here and print on wax paper.  (Don’t worry that the bat logo is a bit pixelated, just cut the shape with your X-Acto.)

Pin to Post: Aviator Onesie

Click here to view the original pin on Pinterest.

Now, this onesie is more my style – and we’ll be a family riding in style this summer as we all sport our shades.  Josh and I both wear glasses, but we both have prescription sunglasses; Josh has Ray-Bans and I have the Glover from Lookmatic.  I found Lookmatic through Cup of Jo, and I have to say that they are the best deal on the market:  $95 for any pair on the site with a precription, including free sunglass tinting and free shipping.  Boo-freaking-yah.  That $95, by the way, can be reduced to $66.50 right now using coupon code QVC30.   Here’s the image you need to print to make this onesie yourself.

Have a pin you want me to try?  Share it in the comments below!