The Waiting is the Hardest Part

by Lauren Kay Weber

So, the other night, I got kind of weepy because I was in pain and Asher hasn’t yet arrived and I’m so very tired, blah, blah, blah.  All the sudden, the words to Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s song “The Waiting” popped into my head and Josh and I had a little dance party to the choruses (shouldn’t that be chori?) of the song.  I’m sharing it here so you, too, can commiserate.

Okay, okay, so the verses don’t have any sort of relevance.  But the chorus?  Oh, the chorus sings the I’m waiting for my baby blues.

Each day is ticking by.  Each day, no baby.  Boo.

We had an appointment with the midwife today and she looked at me and said, “This baby will come out.  He’s not going to stay in you forever.”  When she said that, I realized that it has felt lately like the closer the time comes, the further it seems that we get away from the actual coming.  What kind of cruel trick is that?

In somewhat related news, after weeks of not having much of an appetite at all, I have found myself, in the past few days, famished several times a day.  As a result, I have been eating my body weight in pineapple, strawberries and graham crackers.