Pin to Post: Birth Announcements

by Lauren Kay Weber

Pin To Post: Decorated Onesies

As a designer/party planner/creative thinker, sometimes I have multiple personality disorder.  I discovered this fact when I started using Pinterest.  As I peruse its pixeled pages, I find myself thinking Ooh!  I like that!  I’ll do that! and then, two pins later, No!  This is better!  I’ll do this!  And, then, when it comes to implementation, I end up indecisively waffling between the choices, not knowing which to implement.  In the worst case scenario, my outcomes are more pieced-together Frankenstein than they are cohesive and stream-lined.  In the best case scenarios, I implement as many ideas as possible and, in the end, which is my favorite becomes clear.

Enter the baby announcement.  These days, a baby announcement doesn’t take the form of much more than “Hey, guys!  Our baby was born!” on Facebook.  I like to shoot a bit more old school than that, so I decided that I’d look for some Pinspiration and design them before Asher even arrived so all that I would have to do after he’s born is pop in the picture and a few details and then be done.  Then, the classic aforementioned problem reared its ugly head:  too many choices, not enough decision-making.

With that in mind, I have several “Pin to Post”s to share with you today.  In the end, I decided to create several announcements for different uses:  on Facebook, via email, in print and mailed to loved ones.

Check out what I was able to make below.  If you are interested in having me help design birth announcements for you, let me know via email.

Pin to Post:  Redesigned Birth Announcement

The original pin can be found here. For a larger version of my redesign, click here.

Pin to Post:  Awwww/Waaaa Birth Notice

Click here for the original pin on Pinterest.

Pin to Post:  Welcome to the World Birth Announcement

The original pin can be found here.