Asher’s First Month

by Lauren Kay Weber


Having Asher in our lives this past month has been surreal.  Bringing him home from the birth center and realizing that, oh hey, he’s ours for reals has weirdly been the most head-shaking-eyes-wide-open experience ever.  Of course, I knew that once he was ours, that we would be tasked with, you know, raising him… but there has been something pretty surreal in the process of adjusting to just how different our lives became in what has seemed like an instant.  It’s a good thing, no a great thing, but weird nonetheless.

I can’t believe that it’s already been a whole month.  Look at how this little boy has grown!  To commemorate, I thought that I’d share some of Asher’s (and our) firsts, as well as some highlights, this past month.

Newborn Photo

(c) Weber Photography 2013

  • Our little boy is certainly living up to his name.  Asher in Hebrew means happy.  While we have definitely had some fussy moments, for the most part, Asher’s worst is lots of babies’ bests.  Plus, he has THE cutest cry in the whole wide world.
  • We’ve dealt with some disappointments – namely, my inability to nurse… and everyone else not getting how hard that is for meus – but I’ve definitely found that it has brought Josh and I closer.  And!  It very neatly showed us right off the bat that parenthood is filled with curveballs.
  • Our hearts are growing six sizes every day.  Sometimes all that rapid growth can cause growing pains on the heart.  This past month has been such a mix of emotions:  utterly joyful, totally overwhelming, deepest of lows, highest of highs.  This parenthood thing really heightens the best of one’s self and draws out the things that were hidden inside and were unknown before being thrust into this refiner’s fire.
  • Josh and I have never been closer.  The number one most amazing payoff of our natural birth (more on that in a later post) is hands-down the fact that it enabled Asher’s birth to be a one-on-one bonding experience for Josh and I.  I couldn’t be more grateful for the ways that our hearts were melded through that process.  And, holy cow, every day that bond deepens as we learn together how not to screw up this perfect child.
  • Developmentally, Asher is amazing.  His strength is off the charts; he’s super muscular; the kid can hold his head up for, literally (and I’m not misusing that word here), hours at a time.  He’s very alert and loves to spend all the time that he is awake between naps staring at things:  the paintings above our couch, our faces, the computer as I type/edit photos… heck, even the blank wall.  I hope that his interest in the paintings mean that he’s the next generation’s Van Gogh.
  • He’s just now starting to get the hang of smiling intentionally, and, boy, does it melt this girl’s heart.
  • Nicknames we have for Asher:  little man, little mister, little boy (those are all mine).  Josh likes to call him “buddy” and “big man.”  I think it’s funny to note the difference in how we talk to him and even how we play with him.
  • I officially have nearly 1,000 photos (with the DSLR) and hundreds shared between our iPhones.  Oh, and the videos!  We’re officially obsessed.