Asher’s Second Month

by Lauren Kay Weber


Asher continues to be a total delight.  Sure, we have our off-days and fussy moments, but still, I can’t help but feel this child is easier than most.  We have been sleeping through the night for weeks (albeit with early mornings) and he has really taken to the E.A.S.Y. schedule.  We know pretty easily when he’s getting tired and have been able to circumvent most melt downs by swaddling him, putting him in his swing and letting him fall asleep when he’s ready.  (He’s sleeping right now, in fact, having spent 5 or so minutes smiling at the little rotating mobile while “Rockabye Baby” played.)  See?  We really are so blessed.  I take this as God’s compensation for the nine-month trial it was being pregnant.

Some other thoughts on Asher’s second month…

Digital Flipbook:  Stretching Out

As mentioned above, Asher looooooooooves the swing that my dad and step-mom sent our way when he was a few weeks old.  It has seriously changed our lives.

On account of the fact that he spends 18 hours a day swaddled, the boy has the tendency to collect lint in between his fingers.  It grosses me out, but still, I think it’s one of those idiosyncrasies I’m going to love in hindsight.

Every night is bath time with Daddy.  Josh gives him a bath every night at 9 and it’s their consistent “man time.”  Asher loves it so much.  Especially when the water is super bubbly (this fact is the number one contributor to how quickly we are going through baby soap… that, and those gross linty hands).

Our friend, Molly, has been the best, ever, by watching him every morning for a couple of hours while Josh and I are both at school.  I know she loves him, and I have the feeling that he thinks she’s pretty great, too.

Asher’s baby blessing happened over Labor Day weekend.  It was wonderful and beautiful and amazing; I’m so grateful that Josh was able to bless him in Church with some of our favorite people in attendance.  We had a few friends and family who hold the priesthood assist:  Matt (Josh’s dad), Harry (Josh’s great-uncle), Justin (our friend from the Hebrew program), Curtis (Josh’s home teachee) and Tim (another close friend from the ward).  It was such a great experience… with the exception of the fact that Asher was none too pleased to be stuck in a hot 3-piece tuxedo for 2 hours.

Josh’s family came up for the blessing and some of the girls – Josh’s little sisters – were sick.  Which, in turn, made all of us – including Asher – sick.  He survived his first cold, but not without lots of sneezes, snorts (from the lack of being able to breathe) and coughing.  He’s still coping with the cough and lots of snorting at mealtimes, but he seems to be over the hump.

Asher’s eyelashes and hair are starting to get much longer.  By all accounts, it looks like he’s going to have Josh’s gorgeous long lashes.  Everyone we see says that they think he’ll have my reddish hair, though.

It’s hard to see in a lot of the pictures because the light is so dim and I rarely, if ever, use a flash, but the little mister’s eyes keep getting lighter and lighter; they’re almost light blue-grey these days when the light is bright.  Curious because the doctor told us that eyes can’t get lighter, only darker… and Josh and I both have darker eyes (Josh has honey brown and I have hazel with a fair amount of both green and brown).  I would love a blue-eyed babe, which is (mildly) possible because both Josh and I have light-blue-eyed mothers.

Digital Flipbook:  Smile

He’s all smiles these days, as you can see with the fun GIF above.  He especially thinks that popping your lips and sticking your tongue out is funny.

One of his favorite things these days is our morning song time – both Josh and I lay in bed with him after his morning bottle and we sing and dance.  Josh makes him fly in the air like an airplane and stomp around the bed like Godzilla.  He smiles and coos… we even can attest to some noises that sound mighty similar to laughter.

All in all, we’re so very happy.