We’re back. Some December Updates.

by Lauren Kay Weber

So, I’m here, writing.  Before you get too excited, let me just say that who knows if this will become a regular occurrence again.  I’m still getting a handle on this whole motherhood thing and it’s consuming, to say the least.  But, tonight, the boy is asleep on time for the first time in weeks and Josh is sitting in the other room doing his reading for class tomorrow morning.  Sure, Chopped is on in the background, but I’ve already seen it.  Also, there’s a pressing need for updates, methinks.

Where to start?  The little boy.  Well, the last you heard from me, Asher had sprouted his two bottom teeth at the tender age of just three months.  Josh and I thought that he might be teething at around two months when his mouth started dripping drool with such an intensity we started changing out of our nice clothes immediately upon returning from work/school/being out in public.  The doctor assured me at his two month check up that “Babies just drool.  There’s no way he’s teething this early.”  Lo, and behold, two teeth just weeks later.  Once we’re through the teething awfulness, his two little teeth sticking up in his smile are just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  (I’m just realizing that I don’t have a picture of that yet!  Shame on me!)

Daddy and Asher dressed up as dinosaurs for Halloween, and, I mean, check this out: Halloween

So cute, right? Asher has been trying to sit up and has been getting better.  But, he still has his mishaps, as you can see in the video below:

These days, he is getting so proficient at grabbing things.  Toys, faces, glasses… He’s been doing this really cute thing and reaching out and stroking Josh’s face.  The first time he did it, Josh hadn’t shaved for a few days and, as such, was so scruffy, and Asher just couldn’t get enough. Also, the reaching for things has coincided with his intense interest in adult food, especially liquids.  He wants to hold our cups and take sips from our straws (he doesn’t get how to suck on it, he just bites down).  Perhaps the best example is this hilarious picture from Thanksgiving dinner:


Oh, and the laughter!  The laughter has made every day amaaaaaazing.  Here’s a cute video.  [Note:  our child is a thrill seeker.  He loves being scared momentarily and then laughing his cute little bum off afterward.  Don’t worry.  We always make sure to have a tight grip on him/the object/etc.]

As for Josh and I, well… life is a series of head-shaking surprises mixed with “WHAT IS GOING ON?!”  The details of all the changes in our lives will unfold in the coming months, but suffice it to say, while we are happy, we are also just kind of taking care of the essentials at the moment.  Thanksgiving was a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of the semester, but it came and went all  too quickly.  

As a side note, Josh feels strongly that I should include here the details of our Thanksgiving dinner.  I felt like Josh deserved to have all the traditional tastes of the holiday, even if it was just the two of us, so I made a dinner complete with a small Churkey (actually, a whole chicken that I insisted on calling a churkey so that it didn’t seem like he wasn’t getting the traditional turkey dinner), stuffing made with homemade artisan bread, green bean casserole, whole berry cranberry sauce, rolls, gravy, baked potatoes… I think that’s everything.  Oh!  And a pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream.  It wasn’t that much work and it all turned out well.  Next year, I’ll be getting his mom’s recipe for butter rolls, though.  I’ve seen Josh throw down a dozen of those in one evening, easy, but not so with the crescents that I made.  Oh well, just little tweaks here and there.

AND!  The holidays are upon us and we have made our home our living room all nice and festive.  Here’s a before and after of our Christmas tree.

BEFORE: Before


It’s not the fanciest of trees, but it came at a good price and all the ornaments were handmade with love.

Okay, that’s it.  That’s all I have in me.  I’ll try to be better at blogging, even if just a picture and a couple of sentences.