Water Fun

by Lauren Kay Weber

Asher is seven months now, and with age has come an increasing curiosity with the world around him.  Back in January, Josh and I thought that one of the best ways to combat the winter blues would be to get a membership to the new rec center (which is absolutely amazing).  Soon after, I found that they had swimming lessons (or, perhaps, water proficiency classes) for babies and toddlers called AquaTots.  Lessons started this week; on Mondays, Asher and I go while Daddy’s in class and Wednesdays Josh is able to come with.  This past Wednesday, Josh went into the pool with the boy and did the lesson with him so that I could get some pictures.  Take a look.


Asher, smiling and waiting for class to begin.


Dropping the ring into the water for Asher to fish out to increase proficiency in moving through water.


Teaching “reaches” so that he can the feel for pulling himself through water with his arms.


Josh looking adorable while teaching Asher to kick his legs.


Daddy and Asher talking to our fabulous instructor, Jodi.


Teaching the boy to hold himself up on the wall.

Jodi, the swim instructor, has assured us that bath time will become a bit more raucous and playful.  It was already so, but BOY! is he blossoming.  He is so much more comfortable in the water and such a happy boy.  Bath time used to be – at most – a 20 minute adventure; now, we’re looking at 45 minutes, nightly.  We’re all loving it!  (Although, it must be said that Josh and I would super appreciate not having to fish poop out of bath water.  Ever.  Again.)

Here are some pictures of recent bath times:


Beautiful boy.


Look at that smile!


Both drooling and trying to catch his floating bath toy, Mr. Blowfish.

Lastly, in case you missed it, we made a big announcement this week.  Click here to view.