Marriage for All

by Josh Weber



Rainbow fruit pizza

(A rainbow fruit pizza to celebrate!)

To begin, let me be clear that this post is in no way to stir up controversy. I realize that many of you may disagree with my political stances, especially regarding this issue and that’s ok. This post is not meant to one of attacking or aggression. It is simply to express my feelings on the subject.

Today is no ordinary day for many reasons. One of them is the great upset that occurred in Denver with Utah’s ban on gay marriage being completely overturned and declared unconstitutional. I didn’t expect to see anything on this case soon. If anything, I assumed that it would be a few more months before the courts decided to release a decision. To my great surprise, I found out on Facebook today that not only had a decision been reached, but the one I had been hoping for. Amendment 3 no longer has any standing in Utah. Granted, I expect that the State will refuse to accept defeat until they have reached the Supreme Court, but at this point, I find it highly unlikely that the Supreme Court would overturn this ruling. They may not even bother hearing it.

When I saw this come up on my Facebook, I was overjoyed. These past few weeks have been so crazy with Lauren’s pregnancy coming to a close, I’ve been in need of really good news. I can’t think of better news that I could have received today (that is, unless my second child decides he wants to come into the world tonight). I was so filled with emotion I was afraid my coworkers might suspect that I was depressed. Thankfully, I work in a cubicle and I don’t think anyone saw me.

There are many reasons that this news makes me happy. I guess when it all comes down to it though is that my wife and my son(s) are my entire life. For the plaintiffs of this case, they simply want the same things that I have. I used to think that minorities didn’t deserve much of a voice, especially those coming from the LGBT community. I thought that if they didn’t play by my rules, they didn’t deserve the kind of things I had. After reading so many of their stories and seeing that family means just as much to them as it does me, it’s hard to make any kind of case against them. As much as some may like to not believe they exist, they do. Some may think that so long as people within the LGBT community don’t have the opportunity to marry that families as we know them now will be better off and that marriage will remain unadulterated. The truth is, however, these families already exist and they don’t want to feel like they don’t exist. They, like me, are imperfect. I imagine that their families will be imperfect as well, just like mine. But, as long as they are committed to keeping their families together, I believe they are destined to succeed just as well as any other family. Love is one of the biggest things that holds my marriage/family together, and I hope it will do the same for these families that have attained this victory today.